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Big news for staff housing

If there’s been one consistent theme for the 2017 Jamboree leadership, its a commitment to improving the staff experience. That’s manifested itself in welcome changes, such as the new busing options on and off site. But there’s one more change that will affect you every single night:

The opportunity to pick your tentmates.

Jamboree staff housing is now open, and you can select up to two additional staff members to be your tentmates.

It is the aspiration of the 2017 National Jamboree to have three (3) staff members per tent. Therefore tentmate requests are structured to follow that allocation. That means more space to stretch out and relax each evening – another small improvement that will go a long way to enhance your Jamboree staff experience. However, should we not be able to fulfill that goal, a fourth (4th) staff member will be assigned to each tent. Jamboree leadership will make that determination closer to the Jamboree.

Want to request a tentmate? You have until May 5, 2017 to do it here: Jamboree Staff Housing. Note that you’ll need your tentmates staff assignments and BSA IDs to complete the process.

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