Climbing In The New River Gorge

In earlier segments of this Venturing to the Summit series, we watched as members from Venturing Crews 32 and 44 from North Carolina worked and played in and around the New River Gorge.

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Taking On The New River’s Rapids

In this edition of Adventures in Service: Venturing to the Summit, Crew members learned the basics of paddling, boat handling and safety from local West Virginia whitewater guides.

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How Service Projects Led To Fishing On The New River

After helping the National Park Service restore some of the natural habitat in a high-traffic area on the Gauley River, Venturing Crews 32 and 44 from North Carolina were rewarded for their hard work. In this installment of Adventures in

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Leading The Way

In the 3rd and final part of Adventures In Service: New River Rendezvous, members of Venturing Crew 5.14 were rewarded with some top-roping out at the Meadow River. While enjoying the new rocks, the group learned more about lead climbing

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Adventures In Service, Part 2

It’s Climb Time

Crew 5.14 put down the tools and picked up the gear in the second installment of Adventures in Service. With their new appreciation for the New River Gorge sandstone, Venturers climbed some of the rock they helped to re-equip earlier

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Got A Scouting Story To Share?

We want to hear about your adventures! We want to hear about the amazing things Scouts are achieving in your area! How are you getting ready for the next jamboree? Do you have a story idea for Patrol Z? If

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