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NEW!!! Linear Inversion Elevator

Introducing our newest feature at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, the Linear Inversion Elevator (commonly referred to as L.I.E.) which will be bringing the Big Zip to new heights!

With the ground breaking technology developed by Dr. Emmett Brown’s team at Hill Valley University we have been able to reverse polarity of the quantum energy that naturally exist around the zip line’s steel cables, the result….Uphill Zip Rides!

The above clip is of our very first human test run that was held today, Saturday April 1st 2017. A momentous day in Scouting, and really of the entire Scientific community. Some of the brightest minds have worked on this problem for centuries, “How can we beat gravity?” and here we are in little ole West Virginia with the first ever working model! Think of all the impact this can have! I mean of course it will make the journey to the top of Leadership Ridge to ride the Big Zip a whole heck of a lot easier…but why stop there?! This technology could help solve the public transportation question over night. Turn space travel to the new BSA Tranquility Base into a breeze. And maybe…just maybe…even start the revolution for time travel??? Only time will tell for this new technology, we are just pleased to make your stay here at SBR that much more Wild and Wonderful.

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