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2013 Jamboree: What’s The Deal With Day Of Service?

For one day of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, you’re doing a day of service.

Here’s the deal with that:

First, you’re a Scout. It’s what you do. Pitching in and helping—it’s in your blood.

It takes work, some sweat, and some muscle, but you’re prepared for the challenge. You’re a Scout.

Second, service projects bring Scouts together in a huge way. Ask anyone who’s been part of a really big, meaningful project.

Or a really small, meaningful project.

The jambo is going to be—no exaggeration—a life-changing experience. Service goes hand-in-hand with that.

‘Nuff said.

Third, and last, service projects are a blast. They’re really, really fun.

And that’s the other thing the jambo is about.

Fun. Lots of it.

Seriously, if you’re not having fun on your day of service, you’re doing it wrong.

More Day of Service details here.

If you want to do even more, consider signing up for jamboree staff.

Oh, and this: What was the best service project you’ve done with Scouts?

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