3 Ways To Ramp Up Your Patch Trading

Just like in past jamborees, and in addition to all the high-adventure activities that will be available to you, 2013 will also include classic jamboree activities that you have grown to love, including the ever popular, vastly competitive patch trading experience.

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Who Makes The Jamboree Hum? Logistics Does

If you want to be on the inside at the first-ever jamboree at the Summit in 2013, here are 10 of the most important Logistics Group jobs that will contribute to making it the best national jamboree yet.

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Want More Information On Mountain Biking At The Summit?

At the mountain biking Adventure Area in Adventure Valley you can try your new skills on a world-class series of biking trails. Too bad you won’t have time to ride them all in one jamboree experience – because there’s over thirty miles of them!

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