The BSA has been working non-stop on security and safety plans at the Summit

2013 Jamboree Safety And Security

Our hearts and prayers go out to the many families affected, both directly and indirectly by the two horrific tragedies in the northeast recently, both of which involved children. Words cannot adequately express the many thoughts that run through a

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10,000 acres of high adventure goodness

Summit High Adventure: How It Stacks Up

When we’re talking high adventure, you know the Summit is all about it. It’s big and there’s world class adventure to be had. But to understand the scale of something you need to see it in context with other things

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The Summit 2014 programs will challenge Scouts from all over the U.S.

Summit High Adventure Beyond The 2013 Jamboree

As preparations for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree continue, we have been simultaneously working on the development and marketing of the 2014 high adventure program that will be headquartered at the Christen High Adventure Base here on The Summit. In

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