Garden Ground Pioneering

Garden Ground Mountain Program

Jamboree participants who complete the 1,000-foot climb to the summit of the Summit will enjoy a new day-long program, the Jamboree Trek to Garden Ground Mountain. Each participating troop will be assigned an Order of the Arrow Trek Guide, who

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Journal Program

Inspiring Scouts Through Journaling

In 2017, the jamboree program will encourage Scouts to intentionally reflect and record how Scouting has impacted their lives and communities in journal entries throughout the experience. Scouts will also collect program stamps in their journals. Trek Guides will be

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Jamboree Livestream

Livestreams Will Keep You Informed at Jambo

Every night at the 2017 National Jamboree, plan to tune into an online news broadcast that will keep you in the loop about important news and events at the Summit. Order of the Arrow National Chief Forrest Gertin and National

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Troop Kit 1

What’s in the Kit?

By the time your bus rolls up to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, you’ll be ready for 10 days of amazing adventure in West Virginia’s beautiful New River Gorge National River area that is adjacent to the Summit Bechtel Reserve. But

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Veterans Appreciation Day 2017

The Third Annual Veterans Appreciation Day was last weekend here in Fayette county to show support for those who sacrificed their lives for the U.S. We had a whole host of activities and events out here during the day. We

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Be Prepared for Severe Weather

Pop quiz, folks: Name the Scout Motto. The answer, of course, is: “Be Prepared.” Being prepared at #2017Jambo doesn’t mean just packing well and charging your phone. It also means having a plan for everything, from your route to the

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Staff Laundry Service

The laundry service at the Summit starts on July 18 and continues through July 26, 2017. The laundry service is located in Camp B Medical tent area and Camp E in the Headquarters area. Laundry will cost $10.00 per bag.

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2017 National Jamboree Passport Program

Throughout the years, the program for many of our National Jamborees has included the opportunity for youth and unit leaders to earn an award for their participation. As its name implies, the participation award is intended for those attendees who

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Staff Check-In Reminders

Your arrival at the Ruby Welcome Center is just around the corner! Our registration staff is excited to welcome you and get your check-in process completed as efficiently and quickly as possible. You can help them by having all your

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Download the official app of the 2017 National Jamboree

You’ve sewn on your official Jamboree patch, you’ve finalized your travel plans, you’ve finished packing — or at least your packing list. The next step in prepping for the 2017 National Jamboree takes just seconds but will enhance your Jamboree

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